After the Trip! TWB Reflections

TWB Reflections

“You meet some of the best and realest people of your life on this trip”, Lahna Kern, Delco, NC


“This experience has changed my perspective on life and who you spend it with”, Evan Tillis, Rockingham, NC


“Greatest time of my life”, Bryson Bentley, Mt. Ulla, NC

“I had such a great time, so grateful for this experience”, Mary Ruff, Beaufort, SC


“A trip you’ll never forget”, Kallie Abbott, Blackville, SC


“This trip helped me realize my true self and I met tons of cool people”, Cullen Polk, Laurinburg, NC


“TWB really helped me have respect for myself and courage to be the person I want to be. The travel experience were amazing and the friends I made only enhanced it”, Avery McCalister, Charlotte, NC


“Make a lot of friends but don’t force yourself into a group”, Cindy Peterson, Mooresville, NC


“I learned to love and accept change”, Alex Stall, Whiteville, NC


“Brought me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible and met amazing people”, Sara Sessions, Lake Waccamaw, NC


“The most amazing trip with the best people”, Gracie Hullett, Stanley, NC


“Get ready for 80 best friends”, Micah Chacuh, Greensboro, NC


“Best way to experience many of God’s masterpiece’s” Lily Cabe, Gastonia, NC


“TWB helped me find out who I am as a person, and has changed me in many Amazing ways”, Abby Shippee, Laurinburg, NC


“TWB showed me our country’s most beautiful sights and gave me the best people I could ask to enjoy them with”, Seth Enzor, Fair Bluff, NC


“TWB has helped me meet new people and learn that you have to be yourself in order to make true friends” Brynn Laney, Louisville, KY


“Astonishing views + Lifetime friendships”, Carrie Medford, Whiteville, NC


“You’ll meet an amazing group of people and have a unforgettable experience”, Regan O’Neill, Gastonia, NC


“This trip can help you come out of your shell and escape for 3 weeks”, Bryce Admire, Cornelius, NC


“The three A’s, Amusing, Amazing, Exhausting, oh wait that doesn’t start with A, I’m to tired anyways”, Zach Hoe, Cornelius, NC


“TWB is an experience that teaches you so much about yourself”, Mallory Lawing, Mt. Juliet, TN 


“It made me appreciate God’s creation of the best country in the world”, Taylor Davenport, Angier, NC


“DO NOT anticipate just participate”, Meg Bratton, York, SC


“Wow our country is amazing and beautiful, enjoy it”, Emma Smith, Monroe, NC


“I never would of thought I would have this chance, so enjoy it while you can”, Norea’ Willis, Whiteville, NC


“This trip allowed me to meet some of my favorite people and places while being able to be myself”, Ava Diedrich, Severna Park, MD


“TWB is an incredible experience that allowed me to learn more about myself while discovering our beautiful country” Anna Miller, Gastonia, NC

“Being able to see God’s creation has been such a blessing me and has expanded my sense of adventure”, Leah Greer, Holly Springs, NC

“A trip to remember”, Andrew Bain, Concord, NC 


“It gave me a new perspective on lots of things”, Laityn Cribb, Whiteville, NC


“TWB is the one trip that I will always my say is my favorite when someone asks about my favorite “Vacation”, Makenna Tyson, Monroe, NC


“An amazing trip with amazing friends” Mafi Petit, Mooresville, NC


“Beautiful Experience”, Cole, Eden, NC


“TWB is a fun, once in the lifetime experience” Carter Lynn, Reidsville, NC


“It was life Changing”, Ella Sanders, Spartanburg, SC


“Best 23 days of your life”, Charlie Caddell, Concord, NC


“You’ll learn to truly depend on the people around you, and you’ll experience crazy Highs and Lows with them. SO FUN!!”, Ava Hammock, Burlington, NC


“Truly an eye opening and life changing experience”, Caroline Moseley, Rock Hill, SC


“Don’t know how to say it all in just one sentence, but…a place where all your troubles go away and you truly get to enjoy Gods amazing creation”, Emma Gray Wheatley, Whiteville, NC


“Don’t be afraid to talk to people, Kage Hefner, Sherrill’s Ford, NC


“Through this trip I have a bond with people for the rest of my life” Tucker Scoggins, Beaufort, SC


“Life changing experience that helped me meet new people and grow with them in a special way” Connor Moray, Huntersville, NC


“Such an amazing trip because of everyone you meet”, Dylan Deaton, Huntersville, NC


“TWB has been the most eye opening and life changing trip that I wouldn’t trade for anything”, Sophia McGee, Albemarie, NC


“A lot of things will make you step out of your comport zone, embrace it” Katelin Vaher, Belmont, NC 


“It becomes more about the friends you make than the things you see” Josie Fent, Beaufort, SC


‘An unforgettable experience of a lifetime”, Bryce parker, Greensboro, NC


“One of the most interesting and memorable experiences of my life” Emily Bronish, Wilmington, NC


“TWB was one of the best experience I have ever had. Truly is an experience of a lifetime!” Asher Watson, Huntersville, NC


“So thankful I decided to go on TWB!” Meredith Crisp, Dallas, NC


“Don’t worry about things at home take in the most of this trip and talk to everyone.” Faye Shellhorn, Salisbury, NC


“TWB is something I wish everyone could experience.” Ben Esarove, Matthews, NC 


“The most amazing experience and sights ever, best friends ever could make.” Christian MacQueen, Kannapolis, NC


“Do more handstands!” Will Carter, Wilmington, NC


“I miss my mom and dog!” Cade Horstmann, Raleigh, NC


“Very unique experiences, don’t go into it with any expectations.” Sadie Burchfield, Gastonia, NC

“Live in the moment and make the most of it because it will be over quick!” Lawson Hooser, Mount Holly, NC


“Before TWB, I thought it would be impossible for real family to be created but, I love each and every one of the people around me, even if they annoy me.” Riley Rouse, Gastonia, NC


“TWB allowed me to push my limits and open myself to new opportunities. The family I formed with all my new lifelong friends will forever by cherished.” Abbigail McClenathen, Mooresville, NC 


“An unforgettable trip that taught me many things.” Grace Gentry, Monroe, NC


“Best thing I’ve ever done, I met some awesome people and traveled to some of the most amazing places.” Charlie Price, Belmont, NC


“Our experiences were amazing but what truly made them unforgettable was the friends made along the way.” Jess Fedo, Denver, NC


“It was very fun and the further you go the more fun it gets.” Lincoln Davis, Stanley, NC 


“A 23 day blur of the best people and experiences.” Langdon Taylor, Beaufort, SC


“The best people and long rides.” Sarah Williams, Beaufort, SC


“TWB helped me discover more about me in 23 days than I did in my whole life.” Amelia Matzke, Gastonia, NC


“Sleeping of the ground becomes worth it to see the country and meet best friends.” Bailey Thornburg, Dallas, NC


“You will meet some of the best and most accepting people ever in only 23 days.” Reese Houser, Raleigh, NC


“Soak up every minute because it goes by fast and enjoy yourself and don’t worry about what you have going on at home.” Carson Champion, Gastonia, NC


“Sleep is optional.” Banks Leavitt, Charlotte, NC


“TWB truly was an experience of a lifetime. The friends I have made over the past 23 days have become family.” Callee Chesser, Barnwell, SC


“It showed me the beautiful country” Barrett Huffstetler, Gastonia, NC


“It’s been a lot of fun and a time you can escape reality and create genuine friendships.” Carline Rhodes, Sherrills Ford, NC


“I love TWB and will miss my new friends so much” Rhean Smith, Belmont, NC


“No matter what happens you will look back on happy memories/ friendships with joy.” Jax Atkinson, Denver, NC

Day 23- Return

Day 23-HOME

Today, while the blossoms still cling to the vine, I'll taste your strawberry and drink your sweet wine, a million tomorrows shall all pass away er I forget all the joy that is ours, today. A day filled with many emotions as we woke up to our last "wakey wakey" and shake your sillies out wake up call. We got to sleep in until 7 am, which made us all a little bit happier and sad as this would be the last time we got to wake up next to each other. We hopped on the bus one last time as the reality set in that this truly was out last ride together. We headed to our first stop of the day...our last Walmart run for the cooks to get food for the day, breakfast and lunch to share with all of our friends. After enjoying muffins and apple juice for breakfast we made our way through Tennessee and headed back into North Carolina. Finally back in North Carolina, we stopped at a rest stop for a quick bathroom break before heading to our next stop where we cleaned the bus and vans out. The rides today have been full of songs, laughter, sharing memories of the past 23 days, NO NAPPING, and maybe some tears were shed too. Our next stop was to organize all of our belongings to make it easier for our families to pick us up. At this stop we also started saying our goodbyes to all of our new family. 

Many tears were shed because we can't imagine not spending every day together. Even though we are excited to see our family at the next stop (and maybe even perform a song or two) we will never forget the experiences and memories we have made together.

   Teens Westward Bound has been an incredible experience for everyone involved. We have learned more about ourselves, each other, and our beautiful country than we ever imagined possible. We have formed a family and we know these friendships will last a lifetime. Thank you Trip 1, 2023 for giving us the best experience that allowed us to step out of our comfort zone and find who we truly are. We love you Teens Westward Bound... no matter how grumpy we are. 

Day 22- Kentucky

Day 22-Kentucky

Hello family and friends! This is your hello from the grumpy’s. This morning our beauty sleep was interrupted by storms rolling through at 5:15 a.m. even though our wake up call was 6 a.m. When we got a break from the rain we loaded the vans and bus and got a move on to our day. We had donuts, then s’mores, peanut butter and chocolate chip granola bars for breakfast. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any Walmart trips today but we do have one last, to look forward to tomorrow. As we traveled to Churchill Downs we had an early lunch (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) as the time changed back to our home time zone. We finally arrived to Churchill Downs in the early afternoon, we received a tour from an employee of the grounds then had free time to explore more of the grounds. Before leaving we heard research from: Jack Atkinson on the state of Kentucky, Lahna Kern with the Kentucky Derby and LASTLY, Carrie Medford with Churchill Downs.

 Then we split the vehicles into our groups for one last competition preparation. After a quick stop to wash the buses and vans we headed to the original KFC! Once arriving at the OG KFC we snuck some last minute practice in then got to enjoy some delicious finger licking good food together. With our bellies full we arrived to the campsite where we started our competition (which was a recap of our TWB trip). We were interrupted by some thunder and lightening so we moved our show inside. 

We closed with doing awards for all the competitions and were shocked with the news that the Sneezy’s won it all. Lastly we prepared to say our goodbyes to our new family as we packed up and sang for the last night together.